W Broadway Rd and S Extension Rd, Mesa, AZ:

Innovation Way W, Arizona University Polytechnic Campus, Mesa, AZ

Example JPods network in Mesa. Actual network will cover most of Mesa:

  • ~40 miles of guideways.
    • E. Brown Road on the north
    • S. Greenfield Rd on the east
    • E. Southern Ave on the south
    • S. Dobson Rd on the west.
  • ~60-megawatt solar collection at 6 meters wide, producing about 250 megawatt-hours of electricity each day. This will power the network and solar manufacturing plant.
  • Travel times, walk-ride-walk are measured from a starting point at the Red Cross in the following maps.
    • 24 x 7, without a car
    • Green is 5 minutes
    • Blue is 10 minutes
    • Yellow is 20 minutes
    • Red is 30 minutes

Red Cross near S Val Vista Drive and E Southern Ave.

Red Cross near S Dobson Rd and W Southern Ave. 

Red Cross near S Country Club Dr and W Broadway Rd.

Red Cross near E. Brown Road and N Val Vista Dr.